EcoAqua EEF-6002A

EcoAqua EEF-6002A
The EFF-6002A filter is compatible with any fridge that uses the Whirlpool 4396508 Cartridge filter.
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FF EEF-6002A
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The EcoAqua line of refrigerator water filters offers you the same high quality of the Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Kenmore and Smeg brand filters at a lower cost.

The EFF-6002A filter reduces chlorine and other impurities to provide you with cleaner, better tasting drinking water.

All materials are NSF certificated.

Fits the above refrigerators that have the filter located in the grill at the bottom of the fridge.

Simple quarter turn cartridge, change is quick and easy

Link to the Whirlpool 4396508 page

Installing your new water filter:

1.    Twist the old filter a quarter-turn counterclockwise
2.    Pull the filter straight out (don’t worry, the water will shut off automatically)
3.    Remove the reusable color-keyed knob from the end
4.    Discard the old filter
5.    Slide the knob onto the end of the new filter
6.    Push the new filter into the fridge until it stops
7.    Twist the filter a quarter-turn clockwise
8.    Reset your “change filter” light (if your fridge has one)
9.    Run water from the dispenser for 3-4 litres (about 3 minutes) to clear the system.

Resetting your “change filter” light:

  •  Press the light switch (the one that the refrigerator door presses every time you close the door) 5 times within 10 seconds.      or
  •  If the fridge has a filter button, press and hold it for 5-10 seconds.

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